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Matt Porter

Mediation and Volunteer Coordinator

Matt Porter serves in a pivotal roll managing the DRC’s office providing administrative support. As a mediation and volunteer coordinator he oversees intake, and mediation scheduling. He is a credentialed mediator with the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association. Matt actively mediates CPS, family law and civic cases.
As a former foster parent, staff member at CASA, and adoptive parent, Matt believes that mediation can be a great benefit to the child welfare system as well as any family undergoing changes. Matt is committed to providing a constructive process that enables families to participate in creating the terms by which they can all move forward. He is delighted to work with the many qualified, skilled and committed volunteers that make the DRC able to serve so many in the community.
Matt holds graduate degrees from Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary. He has lived with his family in Waco since 2006.