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Fred Brown


Fred has practiced law since 1978, always as a sole practitioner, with a special interest in business law that grew from his undergraduate degree from the University Of Houston School Of Business.

While a student in Houston, he worked his way through U. of H. and South Texas College of Law at various businesses and at law firms that dealt with business issues.

During the five years that he practiced law in Houston, he was affiliated with several attorneys that had established business law practices. In 1983 he moved back to Waco, his hometown, to open a law practice and to raise his family.

Fred is married to the former Jane Weisenfelder of Beaumont, and they have three sons; Will, born in 1981 and married to the former Beth Stone, Conor born in 1985, and Alex born 1988.

Fred and his sons all graduated from Reicher Catholic High School in Waco, where Jane, a CPA, is currently employed as Director of Finance.

Fred has been active for many years in his community and in his church. Some of the positions he has held are:

  • President, Northwest Waco Rotary Club
  • Chairman, St. Louis School Board
  • President, Central Texas Soccer Referees Association
  • Chairman, Reicher Catholic High School Alumni Association
  • Chairman, St. Mary’s Church Board Board Member, Texas Structural Pest Control
  • Board Member, North Texas State Soccer Referee Committee
  • Board Adviser, Waco Soccer Association
  • McLennan Community College – Adjunct Faculty

With a passion for hiking and the outdoors, Fred and his family have enjoyed countless vacations hiking in many of the nation’s State and National Parks.

Fred has been active in the Waco and North Texas soccer communities as a coach and a referee since 1989.