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Ben Selman


Ben Selman’s professional career has centered on litigation practice almost exclusively with extensive jury and non-jury trial experience including a number of complex and multiparty cases, on both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s sides of the docket. Cause of action types have ranged from tort claims for personal injuries, business litigation, trade practices claims, premises liability, worker’s compensation and post compensation claims (discrimination in employment and third party actions), medical malpractice, legal malpractice, marriage dissolution and child custody/parental rights, guardianship and estate administration, and accounting malpractice to real estate transaction claims. The chosen area of Board of Legal Specialization certification is family law. Litigation is the primary area of practice concentration for the past three decades including the practice of family law as a specialty for the past two decades, from both gender sides, emphasizing children’s rights and issues in litigation philosophy. Frequent lecturer and writer in family law; the conduct of proceedings involving the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, Children’s Protective Services; legal ethics and professional responsibility; municipal liability; and emergency services liability and training. Primary areas of ongoing academic interest and emphasis include studies, panels, and presentations in children’s rights and issues, mediation training, adoption with an emphasis on native American and Texas consummations of international placements, attorney-client ethical relationships and enhancement of the delivery of legal services to the public by the law profession, including law office management.