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Ben Selman


Ben Selman’s professional career has centered on litigation practice with extensive jury and non-jury trial experience including a number of complex and multiparty cases, on both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s sides of the docket centered on family law services, medical and legal malpractice, disciplinary defense, and disciplinary adjudication. Ben holds a current certification from the Board of Legal Specialization in family law, and is Of Counsel to the Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee law firm in Waco. Ben has served for the last 33 years as an adjunct professor of law at Baylor University School of Law, where he received his law training. Ben is a frequent lecturer and writer in family law, and professional responsibility. Primary areas of ongoing academic interest and emphasis include children’s rights and adoption services with an emphasis on Native American children, Texas consummations of international placements for adoption; and, attorney-client ethical relationships and enhancement of the delivery of legal services to the public by the law profession, including law office management. Ben has conducted and participated in hundreds of alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including: arbitration, mediation, informal settlement conferences, and collaborative law proceedings. Since 1986 to the present time, Ben has served throughout the Attorney Disciplinary system, including both local and state service. Ben is an ordained elder and deacon of his family’s church; and, an active-duty police, fire and rescue officer with the City of Woodway. Chryl and Ben met when they were 14 years of age and have three children and five grandchildren.