What is Mediation?

Steps to Resolve Dispute

Are you in the midst of a dispute that you can't seem to work out? Are you considering going to court or calling the police to file a complaint? Perhaps you are already involved in a lawsuit.

You can choose to settle the matter quickly, practically and relatively inexpensively through the McLennan County Dispute Resolution Center.

Begin to resolve your dispute today, by following these steps!

  1. Read about mediation and decide whether this might be a good option for you.
  2. Think about your circumstances and decide which of the following categories is the closest match to your situation:
    1. Neither you nor the other side have attorneys: You do not have an attorney and the other side of the dispute also does not have an attorney: this will be an “Intake – Dispute Without Attorneys” case
    2. Your dispute is a family law matter (such as divorce, custody, visitation and/or child support) and either you or the other side, or both, do have an attorney: this will be an “Intake – Family” case
    3. Your dispute is not a family law matter (examples: neighbor, contract, debt problem) and either you or the other side, or both, do have an attorney: this will be an “Intake – Civil” case
  3. On the Forms page, chose the “Intake” form that is right for you. 
  4. Complete the appropriate form and give it to your lawyer to send to the DRC, or if you do not have a lawyer, send the form to the DRC as instructed on the form.
  5. If you have a lawyer, your lawyer will contact the other side to discuss whether or not they are willing to mediate. If you do not have a lawyer, The DRC will contact the other party to determine if they are willing to mediate the dispute.
  6. If the other side agrees to voluntarily go to mediation or if the court has ordered everyone to go to mediation, we will schedule your case for mediation at a time and place convenient to everyone, and a mediator will be assigned. (You can see dates that are available for mediation on the DRC Calendar)

If you have a court order to mediate or if you receive a letter from the DRC concerning mediation of your case, call your lawyer, or if you do not have a lawyer, call our offices at (254)752-0955 for information and/or assistance.