Payment Policy

Payments by all parties must be paid no less than 14 days prior to mediation to schedule and guarantee reserved date for mediation.

Fees are nonrefundable for mediations cancelled less than 14 days prior to scheduled mediation.

A cancellation fee of a $150 or $200 per party will be charged to the cancelling parties for a mediation cancelled 14 days (or more) prior to the scheduled mediation.

Payment methods- Online/PayPal, Check and Cash.


For more information, see our FAQ

Civil and Family/ Divorce Case Disputes – includes JP courts, cases with or without legal representation

$325 per party / case filed in McLennan County

$425 per party  / case filed outside McLennan County

Civil Case

  • Amount in controversy not to exceed $50,000

Family/ Divorce Case

  • Parties combined annual income does not exceed $140,000, and
  • Couples net liquid assets do not exceed $150,000

Additional fees may apply:

  • Overtime fee $50 per hour per party
  • $100 per party surcharge may apply if, during mediation, the amount in controversy, or income and assets of parties if found to exceed DRC Criteria.

Payment Policy

Payment by all parties is required to schedule mediation and reserve mediation date.

Payments by all parties must be paid no less than 2 weeks prior to mediation.

  • Each party will be charged $150 rescheduling fee for cancellations within 2 weeks of scheduled mediation date.

Waiver/Reduction of Fees

Where economic necessity can be demonstrated scheduling fees may be reduced. Contact us for information.