Payment Policy

Payments by all parties must be paid no less than 14 days prior to mediation to schedule and guarantee reserved date for mediation.

Payment methods- Online/PayPal, Check and Cash.


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Civil and Family/ Divorce Case Disputes – cases with or without legal representation

$325 per party / case filed in McLennan County

$425 per party  / case filed outside McLennan County

Justice of the Peace Cases in McLennan County: $100 for half-day mediation

What Type of Cases?

Civil Cases

  • Amount in controversy not to exceed $50,000

Family/ Divorce Cases

  • Parties combined annual income does not exceed $140,000, and
  • Couples net liquid assets do not exceed $150,000

Payment Policy

Payment by all parties is required to schedule mediation and reserve mediation date.

Payments by all parties must be paid no less than 2 weeks prior to mediation.

Waiver/Reduction of Fees

Where economic necessity can be demonstrated scheduling fees may be reduced. Contact us for information.