The DRC is located in the National Lloyds Building, 900 Austin Avenue, Suite 502, at the southwest corner of 9th Street and Austin Avenue. Austin Avenue is a two-way street; 9th Street is one-way, running west to east between Austin and Franklin.

There is free parking in the National Lloyds Building Parking Lot, to your left, just past the alley on 9th Street between Austin and Franklin.(A sign indicates no parking spaces are available–all spaces are only for customers of the National Lloyds Building, like DRC customers.)You may also park for free on any of the streets around the building, if you find a space. However, you may want to avoid spaces with a 2-hour limit, as people have been ticketed for parking beyond 2 hours.

Children are not to be present at the mediation without prior consent of the DRC.

Coffee and water are provided by the DRC. There are vending machines nearby for snacks and drinks, or you may bring your own.

If we are absorbed in the process and it is not convenient or productive to break for a meal or snack, a menu for ordering food and drinks from a nearby delivery service is available.

Temperatures in the conference rooms can range from warm to cold, so please dress accordingly. Mediation often involves relatively lengthy periods of time spent waiting while other participants confer with the mediator, or while parties meet privately with their attorneys to discuss their options. Feel free to bring reading material or other personal items to help you pass the time while waiting.

Wireless Internet is available for use on your laptop, smartphone or tablet

See “Do it Yourself” for Texas Supreme Court approved free forms. 

See Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for more information